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Mary Walker on The Phil Donahue Show sharing her experiences as a black woman who has passed as white. 

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such an important video that outlines so much truth! the unfortunate part is that, the issues and ignorance faced by the panel members are still being addressed today and have yet to be resolved.

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9 Black butch lesbians share their stories in The Butch Mystique (2003)

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"It hurts me so much when men look at me in a way of hatred. They only hate me because I’m not making myself available to them."

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Interactive site proves the War on Drugs has been undeniably racist

On Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union launched The Uncovery, an interactive website that documents the myriad injustices linked to marijuana arrests and convictions. With special focus on the law’s racial disparities, the site allows users to take statistics and share them with friends or legislators as engaging customizable graphics. The whole process takes 60 seconds or less.

The site draws its facts from the ACLU’s “War on Marijuana” report, which incorporates video, graphics, arrest rate statistics and opportunities for citizens to “take action.” A press release characterizes The Uncovery as a “simple, elegant advocacy tool” for marijuana legislation reform.

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One of the best lines from this show.

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THIS is feminism



No solo Ibra sabe meter chicharros asi.

Gol numero 50 para CRISTIANO RONALDO


Hello, Mr. floor mat [video]